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the "band" name given to the folk rock music of Brian Chapman. The singer and guitarist, known for bands Zoo People, Greenhorn Brothers, and Crown & The M.O.B., has assembled a batch of acoustic based songs with an ample cast of his favorite musical ninjas.  Supporting band includes keyboardist John Nau (Crown & The M.O.B., Zoo People, Digital Monk), bassists Danny Dunlap (Crown & The M.O.B.) and Greg Hyatt (Zoo People), guitarist Dan Ubick (The Lions, De La Soul, Macy Gray, GHB) drummers Davey Chegwidden (Rhythm Roots All Stars, GHB), Gordon Peeke (Stanley Clarke, George Duke) and Andrew Harvey (Zoo People). The colors are many, but the continuous thread is the Skipper, serving up easy feeling country, folk and soul, with sweet vocals and acoustic guitar.


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Thursday August 24th, 2017

We have received video of the EP being pressed at Palomino Records in Shepherdsville, KY!  The records will ship to LA tomorrow.  When we get them next week, we will begin packaging, and be ready to ship yours to you.  This first run is limited to 300, so order soon to get in on a collectible.

Friday September 1, 2017

Records are in stock! Order now to get one of the first batch!

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Messenger Mountain News Sept.8, 2017

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Stoneskipper (EP)

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